NCAA Football

I love, love, love.... Saturday, NCAA football. Steel had an away game in Portland today, so we fired up the Mac and hooked it up to Leroy's monitor to watch the live webcast. Way cool. We even spotted him a couple of times. I was teasing Leroy that he finally had a reason to be glad that I love gadgets so much. I had my computer hooked up, transferring the video to the monitor. My iPhone was streaming the Pacific audio, hooked up to my iHome to listen to out loud. To add to the excitement and watched the Sac State game (with a few former CC Raiders on the field) on TV. I have to admit, I'm not very good at multi-tasking so listening to one broadcast, watching another and checking in on the Sac State game on the big screen got a little confusing. But hey... it's football. I just can't get enough.

(Note: Can you see Charlie, laying on the floor?)