Birthday Parties

Remember the good old days when you couldn’t wait for your birthday to come around each year? Remember when you counted your age in fractions? It is good for the soul to attend a “little kid” birthday party just to remember what we’re supposed to act like and feel like on our own birthdays. I think we’ve forgotten. It should be a joyous celebration that has us so excited we can hardly stand it. The best times were when Mom brought cupcakes to school and we got to stand up there in front of the class with our teacher while the whole class sang Happy Birthday. We can still celebrate that way! We can still take cupcakes to work and maybe even wear a crown all day that announces the significance of the day. We can still have our favorite meal for dinner, blow out candles on a cake and open presents. I think I’m really on to something here. Let’s go back to the good ‘ole days of birthday parties! We’ll have to help each other out, but together we can bring back the thrill.