Chilean Mine Rescue

I am not alone. Over one BILLION people in the world have watched some if not all of the Chilean Mine Rescue live on TV. I'm not a big TV watcher, but when something like this comes along it is hard to turn it off and walk away. I started watching on the 2nd miner... and my immediate thought was that I could stay up all night long watching this story unfold. Knowing that was not in my best interest, I had to force myself to turn it off last night and pick up the action again after work this afternoon. The TV has been set to Fox News all afternoon and I've watched the last few come up. All of them are safe above ground. What a miracle and a testament to people coming together in a crisis to problem solve and get things done. Amazing story. You can't watch something like this and doubt the existence of God or feel sorry for yourself. I hope someone offers the coverage on DVD. I want it for Christmas.