Prayer Chain

I receive requests for prayer all of the time. I decided a couple of days ago to set up an online prayer group. People can submit their prayers to me via email and I'll collect them and send them to my "Prayer Warriors." Of course, this wasn't good enough. I also had to set up the group on Twitter and Facebook. One of our first requests was from a friend who was waiting for test results. I didn't have time to send an email out right away, so I just sent out a "Tweet." Before I could get home to write the email, she wrote me back to say that she had received the test results and they were negative. She had a brain scan done previously that had shown blockage... but a high-definition brain scan done lately showed NOTHING! That's an impressive miracle. I'm not saying that our little prayer group is what facilitated the miracle. On the contrary... that was God's will. But by praying for her then and now, we participate in the miracle... and that's really cool. If you want to join in, send me your email address and I'll add you to the list.