Tonight, I had the opportunity to photograph the son of my childhood best friend. Funny how we think we'll never lose touch with our best girlfriends (in grammar and high school) but the years have a way of taking us in different directions and before we know it, it's been years since we've seen, heard from or spoken with the person who meant the most to us way back when. It is so much fun to reconnect (thank you Facebook) and to catch up on each others lives. One of the best parts of finding Leanne again was realizing how similar our lives were even after all these years. Married, two kids... jobs and high school football. I didn't get to see Leanne tonight, but I did see her son. Fortunately for me his position had him close to the CC sidelines so I was close. I shot only him for the first quarter and I'm sure he wondered who was the stalker with the camera. He played hard, both I had lots of chances. I willed him to look my way... staring at him until he would glance over, but I only caught him once. I was awestruck at how much he looks like his mom.