Alumni Game

I didn't want to go. I begged Leroy to let us stay home. It rained today... and the forecast was for more rain. It would have been so nice to just stay home and relax, but I could see in his eyes, he really wanted to go to Sonora for the Alumni game where two of his fellow coaches were playing. He said we could stay, but then I realized how much he was looking forward to it so I sucked it up, layered on the clothing and loaded up the car... and I'm so glad I did. (Isn't that the test of a good relationship? Each one willing to sacrifice? I think so.) Then I wasn't going to shoot... but I did. My friend Allison stood next to me the entire first half and held the umbrella over me and the camera. We stayed dry, I got great shots and we had a great conversation. It was a lot of fun... but the best part was seeing these two coaches express the passion that they hold for the game. They push the players they coach to give it their all and when they were called upon, they were ready to do it themselves. It was so great to see the competitive spirit come out and to see these two give it all for the game they love. They really did put their money where their mouth is and went hard for the entire game.