To say popcorn is a family tradition is somewhat of an understatement. For my mother's side of the family it was a downright necessity. She even had a special bowl that she used to eat it from... and wouldn't you know that was the ONLY thing we argued over after her death in 2004. (Of course, I now possess the bowl, on the promise that I serve popcorn in it when we get together which I have failed to do.) I remember when air popping machines came out, my mother was in heaven. Steel was the next junkie... Of course for him, it had to be the healthy kind, 100 calorie packs. Granny had enough butter on her version to kill a small horse. I think she used to use a cube of butter for each batch but Steel is much more conscientious of his diet. After a conversation with him tonight on iChat, I rummaged through the cabinets to find a microwaveable pack. Just the smell alone is worth the effort.