I have a buddy at work named Phil. Phil works in the service department, but goes around to say hello to everyone at the dealership during his lunch hour. I don't know most of the guys out there just because our paths don't cross very often, but Phil makes sure there are no strangers. I remember when I first got hired. He would walk around and look in my window trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing. One day, I waved... and the rest is history. He came in and introduced himself and he's visited me every day since. Tuesday (October 19th) was Phil's birthday, and it also happens to be the anniversary of my first day at Heritage Ford. We decided to celebrate so we had lunch today in my office. Leroy brought pizza and I stopped on my way in to get some cookies and a cake for Phil. Just before the party was scheduled to start, a lady from Olive Garden stopped in with a bag full of salad and bread sticks for 6! Perfect timing! I can't think of anything better to go with pizza. We invited the rest of the Fleet office guys and Bob (another service employee.) Lunch was great and we were able to celebrate a good soul.