This weekend is Homecoming for Pacific University.  Actually, they are acknowledging it as "the return of Homecoming for Pacific University."   Apparently, they didn't even bother before the return of football.  Makes sense to me. Although this weekend is designed for Alumni, they were smart to call it "Parents' Weekend" as well.  (Or in our case, Family Weekend.)  We flew in yesterday and caught Steel's practice, a volleyball game and the Noise Parade through the campus.  It has been nice to have a little extra time with Steel.  There are a few things that he has to attend as part of the team, but for the most part, he gets to hang with us.

It was a lot of fun to watch him at the volleyball game.  He was up to his usual antics, getting the crowd involved with the game.  Sierra and I laughed when we realized that he had taught them the CCHS "double clap, spirit fingers" gesture done before each serve.  Right on cue, the group he had gathered around him participated in unison.  During a break in the action, Steel and his friend JT (from Arizona) used a large piece of duct tape to collect money for Breast Cancer research.  They made their way through the crowd and people put money onto the duct tape.