Traveling with Sierra

We have been so blessed to be able to travel to all of Steel's home football games in Oregon.  It is so great to see him each weekend, but one of the unexpected joys from these trips is spending so much time with Sierra.  She wanted to go to all of the games with us and we were delighted to take her.  She drives down from Chico in the mornings and meets us in the Long Term Parking at the airport in Sacramento.  We've developed quite a little routine and we're becoming more efficient travelers with each trip.  (We still argue over who gets to sit by the window.) People ask me all the time if Sierra and Steel get along.  I never really know how to answer that question.  It seems to me that they do... in general.  Of course they have their territorial spats and arguments when they are both home, but  they've always been protective of one another.  One thing I know for sure... Sierra LOVES to watch Steel play football.  She even enjoyed the wrestling matches, but Football is a special passion.  I hate to admit it, but she may be his biggest fan... or at least tied with me for that title.  She gets nervous and anxious for his games and fired up when he's in on a big play.  She's not ashamed to scream out his name from the stands and wave to him when she thinks he's looking up at us.

Sierra is exceptional.  She both smart and wise and it has really been fun to watch her continue to mature and grow into the independent adult she has become.  Just today she registered for her last set of Undergraduate classes at Chico (for the Spring Semester.)  We all marveled at the accomplishment and wondered where the time has gone.  Sierra has worked very hard and is set to graduate from Chico in the Spring after only 4 years.  (A difficult fete in these times when classes are so hard to come by.)  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  (This picture shows Leroy and Sierra watching Steel's practice.)