Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am not ashamed to admit that there are very few things that I WOULDN'T do for a good chocolate chip cookie. I love them, but I am quite picky about which ones I'll eat. They can't be too dry and crispy... and yet not doughy. I like a fair amount of chips, however I'm not a fan of the chocolate chunk. Semi-sweet chocolate is my favorite chocolate, but I'll eat other flavors and combinations. There is one Cardinal rule: Absolutely, without NUTS. Shortly after we landed in Sacramento on Sunday afternoon, I saw a post on Facebook from my friend Trish. She said that she was making her famous Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies... I immediately sent her a message telling her that I would be in the area in that evening and of course she invited me to stop in and get some. The catch was the fact that she wasn't going to be home. She gave me her security code so I could get into the house. A NORMAL person would have just skipped it since they weren't going to be home... but not me. She told me the code, where the cookies were... and I didn't hesitate a moment.

Later that evening, when we were out with friends, I was bragging about Trish's cookies when I received a call from her. She wasn't sure that I had picked them up. I assured her I had... and when I told her that I had some friends that wanted to try them, she invited us over AGAIN so we went. I got two batches.

They were gone by Monday evening.

Tonight... I was craving the cookies again. I didn't have the ingredients for Trish's so I settled for this fundraiser/frozen dough version. Not quite as good, but better than nothing. Any cookie is better than no cookie at all.