Church Bells

This is our beautiful church.  This is where we attend mass on a regular basis.  We usually go the vigil mass at 5:00 on Saturday nights.  We used to get to mass about 10-15 minutes ahead of time to get a seat, but since we've started attending here there is no need to fight for a seat... so we delay our arrival.  Usually, this would bother me to be rushed, but to be honest, I plan it out now.  We arrive about 5 minutes before mass is scheduled to start because that's when the bells begin.  The chime is a call to worship and invites everyone in and tells you that mass is about to begin.  It's beautiful.  The sound can even be heard as far away as the high school.   The bells chime during the day on the hour and play different melodies throughout the day... constantly calling and inviting.