I am continually amazed at how far Leroy will go to make me happy.  I usually don't even have to whine very much anymore.  I don't know why, but I really wanted to dress up this evening and go adult style "trick or treating" to some our friend's houses.  He hesitated at first, but willing went along with my plan.  We dressed as Monsignor Rocha and Mother Superior.

The best part of the night was surprising some of his football players.  They were slowly approaching me as I called out in my best "nun" voice... "Come here my children, come closer to Sister."  They couldn't figure out who I was.  Then, Leroy got out of the car and I heard one of them shout.... "It's Coach!"  Leroy teased them that he had come to hear their confession, but then he told them that on second thought, he'd rather not. 

We had a lot of fun surprising people.