23rd Anniversary

I could have never imagined that I would be more in love with this man today than I was the day we were married.  I can't believe how much our marriage and relationship has evolved over the last 23 years.  It also seems that the more difficult the times, the more we lean on each other and the closer we become.  He truly is my soul mate and I can't imagine happiness without him. Over the last few years I've began to realize how dependent I've become on him.  Twenty plus years ago, this would have frightened me and I would have felt weak because of this dependency, but now, it just feels better.  This is what we are supposed to be for each other.  It's not even really a matter of dependency as much is it surrender.  We truly are a couple more than we are individuals and that fact only becomes more evident as time goes on.

We spent the day doing our favorite thing... just being together.  We went to mass, then to lunch and a movie with Sierra and Brandon.  When it's done well, every day is a celebration when you're with the ones you love.