I am spoiled... Always have been.  As a matter of fact, when Leroy and I announced our engagement, my mother told him that she expected that I would be cared for "in a manner to which (I) was accustomed."  Even my mother would have to agree that Leroy has gone above and beyond his obligation and promise to my mother.  I am very well taken care of. In our adjustment as Empty Nesters, we have fallen into a very comfortable routine in the morning.  We get up together and make the bed.  As I'm showering, Leroy goes outside to take care of things... and then he comes in and fixes breakfast.  I'm not the easiest person in the world to cook for.  I'm not really picky, just indecisive.  So, we have the same thing every morning.  A small piece of ham (protein) and a slice of sourdough toast.  It isn't much... and it gets a little boring... but is exactly what I need in the morning.  And, the best part is the chef offers it with love each day.

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