Ornament/Cookie Exchange

A dear friend of mine hosted an Ornament/Cookie Exchange party.  Each guest is asked to bring three dozen cookies and at the end of the party, we all go around and pick out a combination of  OTHER cookies (3 dozen in total) to take home.  When we are done, we have a beautiful cookie tray with a holiday assortment of cookies.  Last year I made cookies but this year, I didn't have time.  Leroy generously volunteered to pick some up for me at the bakery.  I asked him to get 4 dozen, just in case some of them broke, or worse... broke off into my mouth.  He brought them to me at work.  Beautiful, fresh Snickerdoodles.  Yummy.  I ate one at lunch, and then stole another one from the box on my way home.  When I got home and started putting the cookies on the tray, I counted them and I was two short!  Leroy had only purchased 3 dozen... the exact number that I needed for the exchange.  Apparently, he didn't believe me when I said some might break off into my mouth.   I panicked and called him immediately.  As I was talking to him I realized that the easiest solution was to just take two less than 3 dozen to make up for the short fall... but Leroy decided it would be best to go get some more cookies.  He brought home a dozen more... just to cover me and make sure I had a few extra to eat.

This is a picture of the ornament that I got in the exchange.  I drew #2 (the worst number) but I like the ornament... and I like the box it came in.