Time Out Chair

I got some disturbing news today and I found myself unable to focus at work.  I decided it was probably best that I go home.  (I have to mention here and that I am BEYOND blessed with a great job that allows for schedule changes and will even accommodate my occasional melt downs.)  I told my boss I need to go home and there wasn't a moment of hesitation.

I was home by noon... changed into my pajamas and on this chair with the three dozen cookies (see yesterday's post) by my side.  I held my own "pity party" with the dogs for the rest of the afternoon.  I allowed myself to whine, complain, boo hoo and eat cookies with the dogs by my side. I try to keep a pretty optimistic attitude about life in general, but sometimes you just have to surrender... and it seems that the pressure to melt down once in a while is especially great for me during December and January.  I'm sure it has something to do with Season Affective Disorder, but in the meantime... until the sun comes out again... I will allow myself to lose it, for a little while at least.