An annual tradition that started more than a decade ago... the Faulkner Family Fun Fest is an event that cannot be missed.  With my family all living so far apart and so busy... it's difficult to get us all together but once a year, in December we manage to pull it off.  Not everyone makes it every year, but for the most part we have a pretty good attendance rate.  It always amazes me that we fit in the house... even with the ever expanding families.  There are a few traditions that we adhere to... including my deviled eggs... and Jon trying to be the first one to leave.  We usually take our group portrait on the porch... but due to the nasty weather, we shoved everyone in the living room and set the timer.  One thing is a constant... lots and lots of teasing and laughter.  Afterall... The Faulkners put the F. U. in FUN!