Oh Christmas Tree!

I've been telling myself that we're experiencing a "transitional" Christmas instead of a "traditional" Christmas.  It's not a typical holiday for us and just to make it very clear, I'm not complaining.  I know this is the way it has to be and even though it's going to be a hassle to move, at least we are moving forward and not just waiting around for something to happen.  Two/Three weeks of chaos will eventually lead to some peace of mind... (that is until the next change comes along.) I didn't really think it was a big deal to skip the Christmas tree.  I was satisfied with just the Advent wreath and some stockings... After all.... it was just another thing to set up just to turn around and pack up and put away... That was my thinking... until the Christmas tree was up.  Steel and one of his best friends, Matt Shinkwin decided that we needed a tree.  They came home last night (after we had gone to bed) and put up the tree in the middle of the night.

This was a pivotal moment for me.  My agenda needs to be flexible and still focused on the season.  This forced me to stop and appreciate the process and the timing.  Everything happens for a reason.  Thank you Matt and Steel for "saving Christmas."