I can't believe another year has passed and I've fulfilled another commitment on daily blogging.  It all started with the 2009 Blessings Blog which kept me focused on all of the blessings in my life.  2010 brought the Photo of the Day blog which was a little more challenging.  Once I gave up the idea that every photo had to be perfect it went a little smoother.  What I enjoyed the most of this blog was documenting the everyday things about my life... So what's next for 2011? My challenge for this New Year is to document (with photo and words) what I'm doing at 20:11 (which is 8:11 pm.)  I got the idea from another blogger who is documenting his son's first year of life.  It was really cool to look back on the photos.  My life doesn't change that rapidly, (thank heavens) so mine will probably not be as exciting.  The other issue I face is the fact that if I had my way, I'd be in bed reading or asleep every night at 8:11, but in actuality, I'm usually doing something else.

We'll see how it goes.  I'm going to give it a try. Since it's my blog, I get to change the rules so if it gets too boring I'll switch it up.

To all of my faithful readers... thank you for the kind words and support over the last 2 years.  I pray for more of God's blessings for you and yours in 2011!