Personal Maintenance

A few weeks ago, my 13 year old nephew leaned over to meduring mass and told me that I really should paint my nails. I was shocked. I knew they were looking shabby, but I didn't think anyone else was paying attention. I have to admit that a few of my personal maintenance habits have fallen by the wayside the last few weeks due to the move. It's not that I wasn't bugged by my bushy eyebrows, jagged nails and graying hair... it's just that I had a million other things to do that took priority. Today... I decided that I had neglected these issues for far too long. Actually, I was very excited to realize that I finally wanted to take the time to do regular, ordinary things instead of unpacking or organizing something. (Even though I did some of that too.) I made a wax appointment at a new salon which just happens to be around the corner from my house... Put some color on my hair... and after I get done typing this, I'm going to paint my nails. Hopefully it won't be 6 weeks before I repeat these rituals.

20:11Kelli RochaComment