Clean Towels

I think this moving project is going to take quite some time. Just when I think we're pretty much settled, I find something I want to re-arrange, clean out or put in a different location. Today, my project was the bathrooms. I completely reorganized all three bathrooms, putting all of the like items together. I even sorted the towels by color to make sure that they are returned to the same bathroom after laundering. I worked on this project while Leroy was installing new handle on the front door. The inside knob kept falling off, so we just decided to replace it. Unfortunately, it took three trips to Home Depot today to get the job done. The first to buy the new handle... just to find out (after it was installed) that the keys were not included. He took that one back, checked for keys in the new box and brought it home. Once he started installing that one, he realized that it had been opened and the some of the threads were stripped. He went back to Home Depot for the third time... chewed out the manager for returning damaged items to the shelf and thoroughly checked the new package. One he got home, he easily installed the new handle and even re-keyed it to match our existing keys. He's getting to be a pretty handy guy to have around.

Sunday is not a normal laundry day for me. (Now that the kids are gone, I only do it on Mondays and Thursdays.) However, today, since the towels were all re-arranged, I started the laundry with a load of towels. I just pulled them out of the dryer and now they will go to their assigned bathrooms.

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