Talking to Joan at 20:11

What I'm doing at 20:11 in 2011. You can probably guess by her expression that Joan was not thrilled about posing for this picture at 20:11... But that's what she gets for talking to me at precisely that time.

Joan is a dear friend and the director of the RCIA at St. Stanislaus. This is where I'm supposed to be almost every Monday night of the year. (We do get a couple of holidays off.) So, you'll be seeing pictures like this on a regular basis if you follow this blog. Fortunately, we are usually at break at 20:11.

I have been participating in this program since the fall of 1997... That's a lot of Monday nights. But what never ceases to amaze me is that I am continually learning and growing in my faith.

Tonight we talked about prayer... something that I have always struggled with. Joan told a story about a friend of hers that actually schedules an appointment with God on a regular basis. We schedule what's important to us... so it seems logical that God should fit into this plan as well. How simple. My immediate thought was that I'd have to set an alarm reminder, similar to the reminder I have set for this project... and then it dawned on me... Why can't I incorporate both in the same alarm? Since I live such an extraordinary life... why can't I praise God at 20:11 each day as I document my experiences? I can... and I will. Similar to my Blessings Blog that I kept in 2009... I will count my blessings as I count my activities in 2011

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