Christmas 1970

Moving is an emotional experience.  Not only is there the physical change to prepare for, endure and recover from... but the emotional attachment we have to "stuff" and "places" hits us so hard it can send us into a tailspin.  I keep telling myself that we've finished with the move... but there is always going to be something to do with the "stuff" that is left over.

In "The Move" we uncovered a lot of my mother's left over "stuff" that she had stored in a garage out on the dairy.  There was too much to do to clean out her house at the time of her death, we didn't even want to THINK about the stuff in storage.  Out of sight, out of mind... so there it sat until something had to be done.  When we began to realize how many photographs we had accumulated (with some rotting away in the dusty, moisture) we knew something had to be done.  They are all boxed and neatly piled up in my garage for the time being.  My goal (and it's a lofty one) is to scan each one and to return the hard copy to the subject (or designated family representative.)  I originally planned on completing this task this year, but I've decided to just keep working at it... without worrying about a time frame.  As long as I'm making progress.

I'm off on Wednesday's now... and decided that the few boxes with old papers to shred needed to be reviewed before shredding. Good thing I did.  I found many old photographs that need to be stored until they can be scanned.  Most of the pictures in this particular pile were photos of horses, horse people and horse shows.  Lots of fun memories... and most that I recognized.  (Although I knew more horses than people...) But this photo was a new one for me.  I do not remember ever seeing it before...  It is very RARE to have all five of us in the same picture... And to the best of my knowledge, this is the oldest one that we have.  Thank goodness Mom had written the year on the back.  I was 2-1/2. (The 1/2 was important then... not so much now.)

I'm sure this is not the last of the sweet surprises that await for me in my project.  Check back and I'll post a few more.

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