Sick at 20:11

What I'm doing at 20:11 in 2011... Yes, I really did post a picture of the toilet. I told you from the very beginning of this blog, it wasn't always going to be pretty. This is real life.

I don't know if I have the stomach flu or what, but I am sicker than a dog. I started feeling lousy about 3:30 this afternoon... and it has only gotten worse. I had plans to go to the Central Catholic's Winter Homecoming tonight and take pictures. I had to call a friend and ask her to cover for me and fortunately she could... because I was in no shape to go.

This reminds me of a game I once played with my kids. (Gross warning!) We tried to think of all of the ways to say vomit. We had a pretty long list... including (but not limited to:) puke, barf, blow chunks, toss your cookies, yak, hurl, etc.

Ok, this isn't making me feel better, but it did make me smile.

So this is what I'm doing at 20:11... I sure do hope tomorrow's night post will be different.

PS... If you want to add to my list... leave a comment or two.

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