Night Ranger and Journey at 20:11

What I'm doing at 20:11 in 2011... I'm officially 24 hours late with this post. This photo was from yesterday (2/25/11) which just happens to be Steel's 19th Birthday.

We're in Reno and last night, we went to the Journey concert. Night Ranger (another 80's band) opened to concert. They were pretty good, but I really only know their song "Sister Christian."

I know ALL of the old Journey songs... and love them all. I have seen Journey before in concert and we were really looking forward to this one. I'm disappointed to say that the concert was not so great. Journey sang way too many new songs. And to make it worse, they sang them all throughout the concert. It would have been better if they sang 2-3 about 1/3 of the way in and got it over with. I can understand that they have to perform some of their new stuff to stay relevant, but Journey's known for the oldies. Going back and forth felt like a yo-yo.

But I won't stop believing.

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