Thinking of Mary at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... We were still in discussion at 8:11 when the alarm went off... but honestly, my mind was distracted by this statue on the prayer table. I was thinking back to a comedy show we watched several years ago called "Late Nite Catechism" which had an actress in the role of a school teaching nun. She would point (or aim) the eyes of the statue at the naughty children to guilt them into good behavior. It was funny... but maybe you had to be there.

May is the month of Mary for Catholics. Coincidence that Mother's Day just happens to be in May? No.

Contrary to common belief, the Catholic church does not worship Mary... only honors her as the mother of God. All worship is reserved for God alone. No statues, no saints, no crucifixes and no rosary beads. I understand where one might get the wrong impression. But we could all learn a lesson from Mary who simply said "yes" to God's will.