Marveling at Modern Medicine at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... We complain a lot in the US about our health care system... and with Leroy now working in insurance, and Sierra's studies in Health Services... it's a hot topic around our house. But even with all of the issues that surround it... the Health Care system in the USA is an incredible blessing.

I've been dealing with a few issues... nothing serious... just a few things that have been bugging me. I called this morning for an appointment and got in this afternoon at 4:00. One call... and I'm there... the same day. First blessing. After my arrival, my doctor spent more than an hour with me talking, examining, researching and explaining. She's wonderful... and the second blessing. I left her office with three new prescriptions... dropped them off at the pharmacy and had them in my hand 30 minutes later. Third blessing.

So at 8:11, I'm counting my blessings (obviously) and appreciating the fact that all of these services are so accessible to me. So, you won't hear me complaining too much... at least not about this. For me, it's an easy pill to swallow.