Stamp of Approval at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... Ok... so I forgot to take a picture at 8:11pm... but I remember what I was doing. It's Monday night, so I was at RCIA.. and at 8:11, we were at break and I was listening to a story.

A friend of mine in RCIA spent a few weeks in jail recently. He was serving time for a crime he committed a while back. While he was away, I wanted him to know we were thinking of him and keep him up with what we were doing on Monday nights. Each week, I would send a copy of the handout and my commentary and teaching. That way he could stay up to date.

Tonight he told me a very cool story. He explained that mail sent to inmates in jail has to go through an approval process. During that process, the postage stamps on the envelope are removed (for various reasons) before they are given to the inmates. Each letter he would get would have the corner torn off... except for the envelopes that I sent to him. The difference was that I always used the Mother Teresa stamps.

We never really know how even the smallest of our actions can influence the world around us. I've always tried to be aware of the stamps that I use, but I never imagined that it would matter this much. Mother Teresa was able to send a little peace and love... even in the form of a simple postage stamp.