Live Like Lilly

Charlie (my 3 year old Lab) has a litter-mate that was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. We've shared this journey with my friend Trish and her family via text, Facebook and blog... but I feel like I'm much closer to the situation as I have her big brother as my constant companion. Charlie and Lilly have very different personalities. Lilly is active, inquisitive and always on the go. Charlie is quiet, lazy and even a little shy. It is as though Lilly knows her time is short and she's going to live every moment to the fullest. Please keep this dear dog and her family in your prayers. As always, we ask for God' will, but I will be looking for the miracles, as there is always one to be found.

We love our dogs... but as Trish has pointed out, they are dogs... and many, many people face illness, disease and death of their children and human loved ones... so we keep our perspective. But that's not to say that we can't learn something from all of God's creation. Lilly has a lesson to teach... and we're all listening.

You can read more about Lilly's journey by clicking on this link: