St. Anthony of Padua at 20:11

No picture today... but I was back at RCIA. When my alarm went off, we were in the middle of a discussion about St. Anthony of Padua. Today is his feast day. He lived from 1195 to 1231, was a Franciscan priest. the son of Portuguese nobility and is considered a Doctor of the Church... but most importantly (to me) he is the patron saint of lost things. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics DO NOT pray to saints. We merely ask them to pray for us... intercede FOR us on our behalf. Certain saints are associated with particular things or situations depending on their life. No one knows for sure how St. Anthony became associated with lost articles, but he is... and I'm here to tell you it works.

I have to be honest to say that I save St. Anthony for the big things... when my desperation reaches a point when I can no longer continue looking for something. I do spend much time looking for things on my own, when it would be wise to stop and ask for his help. The prayer goes like this... St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around... my (BLANK) is lost and cannot be found. (Or the shorter version, Tony, Tony, turn around, my (BLANK) is lost and can't be found.)

I must re-iterate! St. Anthony DOES NOT FIND THINGS FOR US! He simply intercedes on our behalf (to God) to aid in the recovery. (And it works... every time.)