Employment Evaluation at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... Leroy passed another licensing test today. He's been in classes for the last 10 days and has been very focused on this test... and quite stressed out. We're all celebrating his accomplishment tonight.

At 8:11pm, Leroy, Sierra and I were in pretty intense conversation about employment. Leroy was telling us about his testing, and Sierra was talking about her new "Sweeties by Sierra" business that she's decided to pursue. (Cupcakes and other sweet treats.) Sierra was also telling us about two other potential employment opportunities that she was presented with today. God is good. How wonderful to have choices in this tough economy. More proof of the value of a college education.

As of today... all 4 of us are gainfully employed. Steel started a new summer job today. His first job. In a time when unemployment is at an all time high, we are truly counting our blessings.