Coincidental Witness at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... One of the greatest parts of working on the RCIA team is the people I meet and get to hang out with and among the best are the sponsors. Their job is to journey along with our Candidates and Catechumens and offer support.

At 8:11 this evening (while on break at RCIA) I was having a conversation with my friend Deb who has recently returned to RCIA as a sponsor... along with her mother. The overall theme was how everything happens for a reason... and God's timing is perfect.

I don't believe in coincidence... and I don't believe in luck. Coincidence is just evidence of God's sense of humor and luck is the moment when opportunity meets preparation. What fun it is to watch and see what wonderful blessings God has planned for us next.