Stranger at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... It's no secret that I have issues with my hair. When I look back at old pictures of myself my hair is in some whacky style, or up in curlers... My poor Mom always trying something new. Even my good friend who has cut my hair for the last few years admitted today... "Ok, you have bad hair." Not only is is bad... I don't have very much of it.

862 days ago, I started to grow it out. (It used to be very, very short... and I loved it... but apparently it wasn't the best look for me... at least that's what several loved ones have told me.) So I started this odyssey and it's been a daily battle. To be honest... I've blamed my hair for many of my life's issues... Life just seemed simpler when I had short hair.

Another problem with my hair issue is that I'm always looking for the perfect styling tool, or product that will work miracles. (Hence the hot air brush pictured below... which will be returned to Walmart tomorrow.)

Today... I cut it. I gave Tammy free reign to cut it in the style that she thought was best... and I have to admit, it's better. Not quite sure if I'll be satisfied with the length... but it's certainly better than it was. It has a style now (short - A line) and I can style it quickly with a blow dryer and a brush. I have to say it was a thrill when Tammy had to pull out the clippers to trim my neck... that' hasn't happened in a few years.

At 8:11 this evening, I had just gotten out of the bathtub and was blow drying my hair. When the alarm for this blog went off, I had to laugh. Who Am I? I HATE to style my hair... so why was I doing it tonight, just to put on a pair of pajamas and go to bed? Really, really weird. I think I might need therapy.