Gratitude for Grace at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... Monday Night = RCIA. But the difference today was the fact that we were still in session at 8:11. We ran a little late tonight because of all of the new people in the group. That... and an extremely interesting gospel. (Matthew 20:1-16a)

At 8:11 we were discussing the idea of meritocracy. The idea of rewards and punishment for our behavior. This is the world justice we are used to. This is what we learn from the moment of our birth. And... this way of thinking is exactly why we have such a hard time understanding God's grace.

Accepting the gift without earning it, or feeling like we deserve it is our challenge. This is our work. Is is the burden we place upon ourselves. This issue won't be solved tonight, but our prayer is that we are one step closer to understanding the gift and accepting it with gratitude.