Sneaking the Snickers Cookies at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... Ya'll know how much I like to eat... and I have a particular fondness for anything that comes in the shape of a cookie. It's the perfect concept. Easy to hold, eat with your hands... enough for more than one bite. Brilliant.

The cookies pictured here are homemade by my friend Fernanda. They are pure cookie bliss. It is a peanut butter cookie with a bite size piece of Snicker's candy bar baked inside. (Yes, you read that right.) Just reading the description is heavenly, but tasting these beauties is a whole other experience. Fernanda knows these are my favorite... and she even sent a plate full just for me. (Well, I'm sure she intended that they be shared with the other members of my family.) The batch shown in this picture however, were to be shared with the RCIA group at break.

So now the confession. Even though I had MY OWN plate of cookies (the same cookies) just a few steps away, I stole one off of the table just so I wouldn't have to eat my own. I know, selfish and self-serving. You'd have to taste one to understand. I couldn't help myself. That's precisely what I was doing at 8:11 tonight. Am I ashamed? Not really. They were made with love and I'll take all the love I can get.