Hot Fudge Sunday at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... I love ice cream, but it doesn't love me. I know this in my head, but every once in a while, my heart (and my stomach) say... "Give it one more try."

Tonight it happened again. I was cleaning up the kitchen and noticed the bottle of hot fudge was out on the counter. Sierra had used it on some ice cream. Suddenly, my mouth began to water and my craving kicked in.

So that's what I was doing at 8:11 this evening. Eating a very small scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge...

Pictured is my favorite ice cream scoop... ever. It's from Pampered Chef and the liquid in the handle heats up from the palm of your and to make scooping the ice cream simple as pie. (Mmmm... pie.)