Digital Medium at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... I had an opportunity to pick up the camera today. I was invited to shoot the Varsity Football team at Hilmar High School after practice. Each time I do one of these sessions, I am reminded of why I love it so much.

16-18 year old boys really get a bad rap. In general, the stereotypical attitude towards these young men is quite negative... but my experience has been quite the opposite. They are, in fact some of my favorite people... especially football players. They are kind, filled with patience and above all, respectful. I am continually amazed at the crap they'll put up with from me.

My favorite part of photography is the fact that the art appreciates in value. Even the worst photograph in the world is of incredible worth when the subject is no longer with us. I am most aware of this today, the 4th anniversary of the passing of Sierra's friend, David Morris. David was one of Sierra's classmates in high school and a long time family friend. I took a beautiful shot of David and Sierra on the day of their Junior Prom. I loved the picture then, but now that David is gone, its value cannot be measured. Today, Sierra reposted the picture on her Facebook wall in remembrance of David and I was once again, humbled at the privilege of witnessing the moment.

So here I am at 8:11, burning photographs onto disks... knowing that my efforts are appreciated, or at least they will be a few years down the road. These photographs will one day be priceless. Someday, these boys will look at these pictures and be reminded of wonderful memories. To be a small part of that is an honor that words cannot express.