Dreaming at 20:11

What I Will be Doing at 20:11 in 2011... It's only a quarter after 7:00 pm, but I'm already writing the post for 8:11, because I plan on being fast asleep. I've been fighting to stay awake since 6:11 and the thought of going another hour just to blog seems silly, and pointless. So I'm making the decision to go to bed now.

We had a great Thanksgiving today... Starting off at football practice at Central Catholic. This is one of my favorite events of the year. Most of the parents just hang out and watch, but the best part is the return of all of the football alumni. Since most of the kids are home from school, we usually get quite a few out to practice to say hello to the coaches. Very cool.

After practice, we had a wonderful lunch at the Almeidas'. Even though the electricity went out for almost an hour, she was able to complete the cooking and dinner was delicious. Leroy deep fried a turkey for lunch, and another one for us to have for left-overs.