Still Don't Know Much About Football

There is one thing wrong with high school football... It comes to a very abrupt end. Even when that ending is the outcome of Championship you've been working towards, it ends all too quickly. The 2011 season ended for this family on Friday night with Hilmar's victory over Escalon. A great game by any standards, but truly exceptional as a championship game. Two years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled "Don't Know Much About Football" at the conclusion of Steel's high school career. At that time, we did not know that Steel would have the opportunity go to on and play at the college level. We were devastated at the thought that this period was over for us. I was somewhat aware at the time that it wasn't over, just different and that has been the case.

This post has been one of the most popular on this blog. It was a part of the healing and transition process for me and still rings true about what this sport means to me. It seems appropriate to share it with you again today.  To read the original post from 12/8/09, click on the title in the paragraph above.

I hope you enjoy it.