Laughing at Charlie at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... Well this is embarrassing. If I'm going to be honest with this blog, I have to tell you exactly what we were doing AND what Charlie was doing at 8:11.

Charlie has a unique way of venting his frustration. Whenever he's upset about something, he humps his bed. This usually occurs in the morning after I leave for work... and very rarely in my presence... Except for tonight.

He's pouting about his bath. The dog loves to play in the water, but he does not particularly like to take a bath. Tomorrow he has a date with his friends at Casa de Modesto, so he needed a shower today.

Just before the alarm for the blog went off, Charlie was "getting off" by humping his bed. Leroy and I were laughing at him and he looked at us like WE were the ones that were crazy.

Poor guy. I hope it makes him feel better.