Parade Party at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... I've learned a lot about life from death. And since I've experienced a lot of death in my lifetime, I also get to experience the best that life has to offer. Today was a big lesson, once again reminding me how blessed I am and how we all need to live in the present moment and love when we can.

We started this day saying our final goodbye to our beloved Matty Burkett. There were so many people at his funeral mass today... all brought together with love for this young man. And a beautiful mass it was. Fr. Sam West's words will live on in my heart forever. Truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. After the funeral we attended a luncheon in Matt's honor where we continued to visit and reconnect with old friends.

Before heading home, we made a brief appearance at an Open House in honor of Jack and Linda Miller's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I can't think of a better event to celebrate or two more deserving people. They've been friends for many years and we are honored to call them family.

In the evening, we hosted the wonderful Galas family for dinner... Kenny, Sherry and their grandson Charles and Kenny's mom June as well as Sierra's friend, Kelsey. We planned dinner for this date so we could share Hilmar's Christmas Light Parade. Before we headed over for the parade, we were joined by Leroy's cousins... Johnnie, Nancy and Jack Azevedo and Christine.

The parade was really great... and we really enjoyed the added attractions of the 2011 Hilmar Citizens of the Year (John and Anne) and the Hilmar High School Section Champion Football team!

Speaking of the Citizens of the year... they stopped by too... (with a couple of tag a longs.)

So this day... that started off with such a sad occasion turned out to be a wonderful lesson on the importance of friends, family and celebration of the life and people around us.

At 8:11, this is who was left. In the back row (L to R): Donovan, Leroy, Brandon, Kelsey, Sierra, Anne and Sherry. Front row (L to R) June, Charles, Kenny and John.