Boxing Day at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... I'm known in my family for having a mind full of useless knowledge. I get this from my father. He knew a little about everything and everything about many things. Some would call it trivia... but for those of us who find stuff interesting, there is nothing trivial about it.

A while back, we were in a discussion about Boxing Day which is on the calendar for December 26th. I knew it was a big holiday in Canada, but I didn't know the story behind it... (until tonight.) Sierra thought it was the day everyone "boxed up" their Christmas decorations as it was our tradition (or habit) to do exactly that on the day after Christmas. She always associated Boxing Day with this chore. (I probably pointed it out on the calendar with that very explanation when she was little.)

Tonight, at RCIA, I learned the actual meaning of the holiday... and it's significance and it was what I was contemplating at 8:11.

The following is the official explanation of Boxing Day as described on the RCIA handout for tonight.

December 26th is the feast day of St. Stephen who was the first (documented) martyr. His death occurred around 35 AD. Stephen was stoned to death for teaching about Jesus. As a deacon, it was his task to organize meals to feed the poor. In remembrance of Stephen's work for the needy, the British people would collect money throughout the year in little clay boxes. One the feast of St. Stephen (December 26) or "Boxing Day" these boxes were broken and the money distributed to the poor. (This is the origin of the piggy bank.)

Pretty cool explaination if you ask me.

So there you go...