Doggie Doorbell at 20:11

What I'm Doing at 20:11 in 2011... One of the best things about having a big dog... is the big dog (scary) bark that he produces. Charlie sounds like a big ole' mean dog when he barks at the door. I know I'd think twice about being an un-welcomed visitor. I don't know what he'd actually DO if he felt threatened (he is... delicate) but at least he sounds mean.

Daisy on the other hand offers vocal, backup support, but she needs to confirm there is really someone at the door before she'll leave the warmth and comfort of whatever blanket in which she's wrapped herself. She depends on Charlie to do the scouting.

Just before the blog alarm went off, Charlie had heard something outside and was at the door barking. I was back in the bedroom listening to see if there actually WAS someone at the door. Truthfully, I count on Daisy's assessment quite a lot. She barked, but never emerged from the blanket. So I knew it was a false alarm.