366 Fresh Starts

I wrote yesterday about how much I love a new year and the fresh start it offers. I always have several resolutions that I pick out for the coming year... although I hardly ever follow through on most of them. Still, that doesn't discourage me from listing all of the things I'd like to do, change or improve. I've realized that my biggest problem is planning and follow through. I get caught up in the idea that since I missed my originally planned start date, it's too late. But when you stop and think about it... it's never too late to start. We focus on the New Year but we can start over on any plan, project or idea... anytime.

God has graced us with a fresh start with each and every single day. The sunrise and sunset are built in-automatic-cannot be rescheduled physical signals for our fresh start and renewal. How great is that? And if that's not soon enough for you... We have a new hour every 60 minutes... or a new minute every 60 seconds. It's all just a matter of choice.

I'll be sharing my resolutions with you in the next few weeks. I still have some work to do to defining and planning my goals. I'm not going to resolve anything unless I can find the grace in its purpose.

I even have a "life theme" for 2012 so you'll be hearing about that once in a while too.