Gridiron Grace

Whenever I start a new blog theme, I'm always a bit nervous about finding material, events or circumstances to write about.  Part of the fun of keeping up with the theme is forcing myself to be more aware of opportunities.  Then, there are days like today when the subject falls right into my lap first thing in the morning.  I came across this video on my friend Bonnie's Facebook wall.  After watching it, I knew immediately I wanted to share it with you. I have written often about my love of football.  It is so much more than a sport for me.  It has been my privilege to participate with some of the finest youth and high school football programs in our area and I am constantly amazed at the impact this sport has on the athletes, coaches and fans.   It's so much more than a sport, it's a passion... and for those who take full advantage of the opportunity, it can be life changing.  There are ample opportunities to experience Grace in football when we look closely, but for today, I want to share the words of this incredible young man.

(Video removed from YouTube.)

While as impressive as this young man is, what struck me was the others that he represents.  When I listened to this speech, I closed my eyes and heard the voices of a handful of young men who I know, personally.  I heard the same words coming from their voices and it brought me to tears.  I KNOW young men like Kirk Cousins.  These guys really get it.  They really understand the extreme privilege it is to do something you enjoy with so much passion, that it develops your character for the better.  This is Grace.  And this is football at its best.

This is the dream of every sincere fan and certainly of every good coach.  This is the hope of everyone who appreciates high school and collegiate sports.  It certainly should be the dream of each and every parent of a student-athlete who wants their child to live up to their intellectual, spiritual and emotional potential more than their physical capabilities.   This is why it matters.  What a gift it is to see beyond the surface, at the bigger picture.  Some will search their whole lives for this kind of understanding.  What we do, say, think and are really matters and impacts everyone around us.  This is the responsiblity that comes with the privilege of playing on the gridiron.

I am not surprised that Kirk Cousins lead his team to a victory in triple overtime a few days ago... That's only the beginning of what he will accomplish.