Meditational Grace

We know by faith that we participate in God's interaction with others when we allow him to use us to love and serve those around us. And the greatest part of this love, service, participation thing is that WE are the ones that end of up with grace and blessings... even when we don't even know it. I don't believe in accidents or luck. I believe that everything happens for a reason... a bigger purpose that I am probably not even aware of at the time. Sometimes, we are graced with the knowledge but most of the time, the good that we do or happens to us goes by, un-noticed, and un-appreciated.

I've been posting a brief meditation on the wall of the St. Stanislaus RCIA group on Facebook. I did it through Advent and will run through the feast of the Epiphany. All I do is copy and paste it from an email to the wall.

This morning, I accidentally (or purposefully) posted the phrase on my personal Facebook wall. It had a tremendous response and I knew that God wanted someone particular to read it. I'll post it again here... just in case.

Open Your Heart

Give special attention, love and prayers to all those who come to the door of your home and workplace. Let this simple gift of self be a witness to the love of Christ among us.

— from Celebrating Saints and Seasons