Cousin Connection

I come from really big families on both my father's side (Faulkner) and on my mother's side (Reese.) Since my parents were originally from the southern Idaho and northern Utah area... there is a heavy concentration of relatives in these two states. But now, we are spread out all over Washington, Nevada, California and probably all of the other states. My family moved to California when I was three, but we made annual trips to Idaho and Utah when I was young. In between visits, I learned about my extended family from stories and conversations with my parents and brothers. Now... I learn about them on Facebook.

Today I was able to re-connect with a much younger second-cousin through a conversation on Facebook. We have a "Reese Family Group" established on Facebook where we post pictures and carry on conversations (with lots and lots of teasing included.) It is so much fun to check in with everyone once in a while and reminisce about days gone by through the photographs we share.

When I was reading the posts today, Leroy asked me why I was smiling... and I realized then how wonderful it is to keep up family relationships, even if it is only on Facebook for now. I hope to make it back up there to see some of them soon. In the meantime, I'll keep checking the wall.