On His Way

There is a quote from Confucius that I love... "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."  When you do share the vision of beautiful things with someone you love, it is certainly a moment of grace.  For me today, that moment was shared with Steel. Today, we took Steel to the Sacramento Airport to return to school in Oregon.  On our trip, it was Steel's playlist coming from the speakers and to say that the selections were eclectic is an understatement.  He played everything from Rap to Neil Diamond including Old School Rock and Roll and Disney songs.  (Yes, I said Neil Diamond.)  It was WONDERFUL!  We (well, mostly Steel and I) sang along with every one.  It was almost like listening to a soundtrack of his life.  While I tried to take credit for his obvious great taste in music, I realized that they were really more of a description of his personality.  He is complex and unique while at the same time full of emotion and wisdom.  (More about Steel later.)

One of the songs that he played has really stuck with me since we left.  It is from the Disney movie Brother Bear.


It is with full hearts that we send him back to school so far away.  Not heavy hearts, full.  Full of gratitude for the opportunity, full of hopefulness for his future, and full of love for the young man we will miss.  I have no doubt that he is confidently on his way.