Learning from Lili

A friend of mine was in a horrific car accident in mid-November.  Without going into much detail, I'll just say that her survival is a miracle.  While she has made huge strides in her recovery, she still has a long way to go.  Today was my first visit with her since the accident.  It has not been my intention to take this long before visiting, but life happens.  And with all of the events in December, I was needed elsewhere.  Today, I picked up another mutual friend (Kelly) and I finally got see Lili. I've always known that everything happens for a reason.  Today, Lili reinforced that belief.  As I tried to apologize for taking so long before coming to see her, Lili told me that it was for the best as I probably would have been stressed to see her in her previous condition.  She did not harbor any ill will, just reassured me that the timing was God's idea and she was confident he had everyone's best interest at heart.  As she re-told the story of the accident, her surgical procedures, hospitalizations, therapy and future plans, I was amazed at the strength and optimism of this woman.  But, that's our Lili.  She carries an incredible faith and her will to live is beyond measure.  She reminded us that trust in God is also trust in his timing.

It's funny to me that when we visit someone in the hospital (or commit any act of mercy or kindness) we think we're doing it for the other person... We call it "service."  In reality, we are the ones that are healed, consoled, blessed, graced, served... among other tremendous benefits.  WE are the ones that benefit from the act!  I'm not going to deny that Lili appreciated our gesture, but I can tell you that WE are the ones that left there feeling as though we had received a gift.

Today is only the 12th post for me on my journey to discover Grace... but already I am confident that our experience today was grace-filled.  That's one thing I know for sure.  When we are called by God for a task, it is for our benefit as well as those we serve.  (Maybe even more so.)  All we really have to do is show up... that's the hardest part.  God equips us with all we need... and throws in a few perks as well.